Sudden Change Scar Zone Burn Gel, 0.5 oz (14 g) Tubes, (Pack of 3)

Burn Care
Quick relief burns, cuts & scrapes. Guaranteed results. Treat burns relieve pain. Prevent infection, reduce scarring, stop visible discoloration. Green tea EGCG helps repair damaged skin. Scar Zone Burn Gel treats burns, relieves pain, helps prevent infection, reduces skin discoloration or scarring caused by minor burns, cuts and scrapes. A first aid triple antibiotic plus a pain reliever & green tea EGCG-combine in this powerful formulation-to immediately treat and help repair the damaged skin. Dr. Stephen Hsu, the acclaimed molecular/cell biologist associated with the Medical College of Georgia, developed this patent pending method of maintaining green tea at its maximum potency till it is applied to your skin. Green Tea Max reaches below the skin's exterior to help dramatically accelerate progression of your, healthy cells to the skin surface to speed healing and normalize the skin's appearance.

Treat Burns, Relieves Pain, Prevent Infection,Reduce Scarring, and Stop Visible Discoloration
Quick Relief Burns, Cuts, & Scrapes
Topical analgesic antiseptic infection fighter plus green tea repair
Helps repair damaged skin
Green Tea EGCG